Essential Tips To Help You Land The Best College Internship

Published on 06/08/2020

Are you nearing the last few months of the school year? Wondering what to do with your summer vacation? If a summer internship is what you’re leaning towards, you’re not alone! Thousands of college students around the USA plan to gain work experience to help them once they have graduated. We understand just how competitive the internship market is today so that’s why we’re here to assist you. Take a look at these essential tips that will help you land the perfect college internship.

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Essential Tips To Help You Land The Best College Internship

Do Your Research

From the get-go, the best piece of advice we can give you is to do extensive research! Look into all the companies you possibly want to apply to as well as the ones you see yourself interning at. It’s so essential to get a good understanding of the culture of the business world and the types of companies you are applying to before sending in your résumé. It may also be useful to read any reviews of the company. You’ll thank us later….doing research before starting anything will make your life much easier.


During the initial phases, this is also a great, helpful step. You’ve probably heard it many times on campus already but seriously, it will definitely help you succeed. Have your personal 30-second elevator pitch ready at any time. A first impression truly goes a long way when a potential employer is looking for their perfect candidate. Another great way to network is to attend career fairs. As many employers visit campuses to seek out talented students, make sure to wear your best “business formal” outfit, have several printed resumes with you and go out there with confidence!

Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Avenues

Whether you’re 100% set on what path you would like to take for an internship, or perhaps you’re still very unsure, the best thing you can do is to look into things you may never have thought of going in to. Don’t be afraid to explore different options or other fields that could interest you. The idea of a college internship is to gain experience and professional skills to assist you when making a big life, career decision. If you’re completely unsure, another option is to try a different internship or job each semester. This might be exactly what you need to understand what you want to do once you graduate!

Brush Up Your Interview Skills

Before you’re even called for an interview, make sure to research questions, practice your interview skills, and see that they are close to perfect for the real thing. Going on an interview can definitely be quite daunting, especially if it’s something you’re not used to. Reach out to your college’s career services department, family, or friends for them to help you out.  Having a few mock interviews with someone you’re comfortable with can really help you prepare for the real thing. Good luck, you’ll be geat!

Always Be Organised!

Open a spreadsheet with all the companies you have been in touch with for potential internships, update it with the date you applied, who you’ve been in contact with, and any feedback or responses you’ve received. Additionally, keep your planner or phone calendar very organized with any calls or interviews you have scheduled, the last thing you want to do is confirm a call in an e-mail and then completely forget about it.